Honeymoon suites pictures in Germany 2022 2023

Planning to get married? Then celebrate your wedding in Germany.
There are a lot of destination towns or cities to choose from.

There are many ways to spend your happiest day in Germany. You could do only a civil marriage or only the church wedding or spend only your honeymoon in Germany or have the civil and church weddings in Germany and spend your honeymoon in another country in Europe.

Or you could have the civil marriage in your hometown, have the religious ceremony in a medieval chapel on a romantic castle in Germany or in a castle directly and then spend your honeymoon elsewhere.

Just married? Getting married soon?
Looking for the ideal romantic honeymoon destination?

Romantic Couple, © LS004716 PhotoLinkSpend a dream honeymoon in the most romantic locations in Germany!

You've taken your vows and now your embarking on the most exciting journey of your lives: marriage!

The first stage of this journey is your honeymoon. Prepare this well ...

Make sure your special day is followed by the most special holiday of your life.

Make your wedding and honeymoon unforgettable – something to always look back upon with joy, and something to enthuse about to your children, your childrens' children, your friends and relatives ...

Whether you want solitude and relaxation or highlife and activity – or a balanced mixture of both – Germany has scores of attractive locations and romantic getaways for a memorable honeymoon.

Enjoy beautiful countryside and be captivated by the moods of the seasons ...

... take in breathtaking scenery on a Rhine cruise past historical ruins, fortresses and castles
... feel the magic of a moonlit night and starry sky over this romantic scenery
... explore Germany's rich history in numerous castle grounds and fascinating castle museums

Romantic Couple in Restaurant, © FD000822 PhotoLink... experience German culture, traditions and lifestyle at local festivities throughout the year
...  take part in wine-tasting directly at the vineyards and wineries  (learn about wine and wine-making and take a few bottles home for subsequent anniversaries!)
... discover the local culinary delights and specialities
... live like royalty in a medieval castle (with the advantage of modern amenities!)
... and for the ultimate in romance, experience the sunset over Neuschwanstein – the Dreamking's Castle – and stay in a hotel nearby with the "one million dollar view" ...

... above all, let yourself be pampered by friendly, hospitable hosts who will do their utmost to make your honeymoon unforgettable!

Wedding in Germany | Getting Married in Germany

Rhineland-Palatinate, Rhine River Valley, near Loreley Rock Castle hotel restaurant Auf Schonburg ****, Oberwesel Enjoy and let yourself be pampered in a 1000-year-old castle with 22 comfort bedrooms, individually furnished, a fireplace room for dwelling, prison tower with seating unit, terraces with view over the Rhine River Valley
Oberwesel on the Rhine River, on the Rhine hills between Frankfurt, Mainz, Coblence / Koblenz and Cologne / Koln, Rhineland-Palatinate, southwest Germany
Germany, Rhine River Valley, Mainz, Rudesheim, Bacharach, Lorelei Rock, Koblenz Nonsmoking Canopy bed holiday apartment Hermann, ask for Last Minute Offers Central quiet location in Oberwesel on the Rhine river. Renovated in 2015, 55 sqm. Bedroom with historic four-poster bed and satellite TV, living room with sofa bed and satellite TV, kitchen, free Wi-Fi, balcony, terrace. Car parking. 4 boat landing stages. 630 meters from castle Schonburg. Favorable permanent rental price from Nov. to March.  

To find the perfect honeymoon package, have a look at our recommendations for some of the best honeymoon destinations:

More information about various Honeymoon Suites:

013-pill 4-star castle palace hotel Dresden Germany Elbe River, located in an excellent and peaceful location of Saxonys capital Dresden
013-pill 4-star castle palace hotel Dresden Germany Elbe River, located in an excellent and peaceful location of Saxonys capital Dresden. It was a famous summer residence of the Saxon kings. Sachsen, Saxony, East Germany. Dresden city 12 km, Pirna 9 km, Leuben 14 km, Lockwitz 17 km, Radeberg 18 km, Radebeul 19 km, Dresden airport 22 km, Konigstein 23 km, Bad Schandau 28 km, Bischofswerda 31 km, Dippoldiswalde 33 km, Meissen 38 km, Bautzen 47 km, Hoyerswerda 77 km, Chemnitz 85 km, Gorlitz 97 km, Cottbus 119 km, Zwickau 129 km, Leipzig Halle airport 136 km, Altenburg 137 km, Gera 146 km, Prag (Czech Republic) 146 km, Halle 158 km, Plauen 161 km, Dessau 183 km, Lutherstadt Wittenberg 183 km, Jena 188 km, Hof 194 km, Naumburg 195 km, Berlin Tegel airport 218 km, Erfurt airport 233 km, Nurnberg Nuremberg airport 325 km, Hannover Hanover airport 453 km, Munchen Munich airport 460 km, Frankfurt on the Main river airport 478 km.

532-rame Castle hotel Bonn Germany - near Rhine River, Northrhine Westphalia, Rhein, Nordrhein-Westfalen, West Germany. Rhine River shore 3 km, Bonn-Beuel 4 km, Bonn city center 7 km, Bonn-Bad Godesberg 7 km, Konigswinter 10 km, St. Augustin 10 km, Bad Honnef 13 km, Troisdorf 14 km, Siegburg 15 km, Bornheim 20 km, Hennef 21 km, Linz 23 km, Cologne Koln Bonn airport 26 km, Dusseldorf airport 87 km, Frankfurt Main airport 149 km, Luxembourg airport 186 km, Amsterdam airport 285 km, Hannover airport 318 km

653-jagd 4-star castle hotel Rhinegau / Rheingau - near Rhine River, Hesse Hessen. Germany Hesse hotels Rudesheim
653-jagd 4-star castle hotel Rhinegau / Rheingau - near Rhine River, Hesse Hessen. Assmannshausen 3 km, Rudesheim 5 km, Bingen (with car ferry)10 km
Lorch 12 km, Oestrich-Winkel 14 km, Bacharach 15 km, Oberwesel 22 km, Eltville 22 km, Lorelei rock 26 km, Bad Kreuznach 28 km, St. Goarshausen 28 km, St. Goar with Rheinfels castle 28 km, Wiesbaden 35 km, Bad Schwalbach in the Taunus mountains 36 km, Mainz 39 km, Boppard 42 km, Russelsheim 49 km, Frankfurt Main airport 56 km, Koblenz Coblence 63 km, Hahn airport in the Hunsruck mountains 70 km, Worms 72 km, Darmstadt 75 km, Kaiserslautern in the Palatinate 91 km, Ludwigshafen 92 km, Mannheim 95 km, Heidelberg 127 km, Trier 134 km, Cologne Koln Bonn airport 158 km, Luxembourg airport 170 km, Dusseldorf airport 218 km, Strasbourg airport 223 km, Stuttgart airport 237 km, Nurnberg Nuremberg airport 280 km, Zurich airport 420 km, Amsterdam airport 420 km, Munchen Munich airport 447 km.

674-edes Castle hotel Palatinate near Rhine River and Heidelberg, Palatinate, Pfalz, South Wine Road, South west Germany, Edenkoben 2 km, Landau 9 km, Neustadt on the Wine Road 12 km, Speyer on the Rhine River
674-edes Castle hotel Palatinate near Rhine River and Heidelberg, Palatinate, Pfalz, South Wine Road, South west Germany, Edenkoben 2 km, Landau 9 km, Neustadt on the Wine Road 12 km, Speyer on the Rhine River 29 km, Alsace, France 32 km, Ludwigshafen 38 km, Mannheim 41 km, Karlsruhe 43 km, Kaiserslautern 51 km, Pirmasens 52 km, Worms 56 km, Heidelberg on the Neckar River 64 km, Stuttgart airport 80 km, Frankfurt Main airport 100 km

721-weit Castle hotel Neckar-Alb Neckar River valley, Black Forest Schwarzwald, Swabia, Baden Wurttemberg, South Germany, Starzach 5 km, train station  Eutingen in the Gau, 6 km, ICE-Train Station Horb Neckar River Horb 11 km, Rottenburg (not Rothenburg!) 13 km, Haigerloch 14 km, Hechingen with Hohenzollern castle 27 km, Herrenberg 28 km, Tubingen 28 km, Balingen 30 km, Freudenstadt in the Black Forest 34 km, Reutlingen 41 km, Rottweil 52 km, Stuttgart airport 59 km, Villingen-Schwenningen 67 km, Baden-Baden 97 km, Titisee-Neustadt in the Black Forest 101 km, Strassburg Strasbourg airport 113 km, Uberlingen near Lake Constance 126 km, Konstanz 129 km, Freiburg in the Breisgau 136 km, Friedrichshafen airport 153 km, Zurich airport 168 km, Basel airport 186 km, Frankfurt Main airport 238 km, Nurnberg Nuremberg airport 268 km, Munchen Munich airport 278 km, Cologne Koln Bonn airport 395 km, Dusseldorf airport 453 km

781-hors Castle hotel Black Forest Schwarzwald - near Freiburg, Baden-Wurttemberg, South west Germany
781-hors Castle hotel Black Forest Schwarzwald - near Freiburg, Baden-Wurttemberg, South west Germany. Villingen-Schwenningen 33 km, Offenburg 46 km, Freiburg im Breisgau 48 km, Titisee-Neustadt 50 km, Feldberg (highest rising in the Black Forest) 70 km, Strasbourg France airport 70 km, Schaffhausen near the Rheinfall 86 km, Baden-Baden 95 km, Uberlingen near Lake Constance 102 km, Stuttgart airport 110 km, Konstanz Constance on Lake Constance 110 km, Basel Swiss Switzerland airport 117 km, Karlsruhe 120 km, Reutlingen 122 km, Stuttgart 126 km, Zurich airport 135 km, Friedrichshafen airport Lake Constance 140 km, Biberach 154 km, Goppingen 165 km, Heilbronn 173 km, Heidelberg 175 km, Mannheim 184 km, Ulm 205 km, Worms 210 km, Mainz 245 km, Frankfurt Main airport 250 km, Rudesheim on the Rhine river 250 km, Neuschwanstein Castle 263 km, Rothenburg ob der Tauber 267 km, Wurzburg 268 km, Augsburg 275 km

Burghotel in Mittelfranken zwischen Rothenburg ob der Tauber und der Rokokostadt Ansbach
915-colm Castle Hotel Mid Franconia - near Rothenburg o. d. Tauber medieval, German Castles Road Burgenstrasse, near Romantic Road Romantische Strasse, Bavaria Bayern, South Germany. Leutershausen 7 km,  freeway A7 exit Rothenburg 15 km,  freeway A6 exit Aurach Leutershausen 15 km, train station Ansbach 16 km, Feuchtwangen 26 km, Dinkelsbuhl 37 km, Crailsheim 50 km, Nuremberg Nurnberg airport 64 km, Ellwangen 68 km, Nordlingen 68 km, Erlangen 75 km, Wurzburg 80 km, Nuremberg Nurnberg 83 km, Nuremberg Nurnberg airport 91 km, Bamberg 92 km, Schweinfurt 114 km, Heilbronn 115 km, Coburg 142 km, Bayreuth 156 km, Stuttgart 157 km, Regensburg 171 km, Heidelberg 177 km, Stuttgart airport 183 km, Frankfurt Main airport 201 km, Munchen Munich airport 221 km, Neuschwanstein Castle 243 km, Strassburg Strasbourg airport 298 km, Leipzig Halle airport 349 km, Prague 356 km, Zurich airport 357 km, Cologne Koln Bonn airport 366 km

Available hotel rooms 2022 2023 and apartments in Advent season, Christmas Markets season, Christmas, New Year's Eve , New Year and January in Germany

Wine tasting on the Central Rhine River |
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Rhine river boat castle cruises and half day cruises | Rhine river cruises

A huge number of German towns and cities have hotels that offer special vacation packages for a couple who’s on their honeymoon and wants to spend their honey moon night in a honeymoon suite. Sometimes it is in fact better to book a cheap vacation package including breakfast, lunch and dinner and perhaps including something special like a candle-light-dinner rather than paying the price of every single day with every single meal and every single specialty. Of course you don’t have to stay at one place for the entire honeymoon. If you want to and depending on how long your holidays for your honeymoon are, you could do short tours to different destinations. As already mentioned, some hotels and castle hotels offer so-called honeymoonsuites which are especially suited for newly weds. But even if the rental accommodation you’ve chosen doesn’t have special honeymoon rooms, there’s almost always at least one bedroom which suits the wishes of newlyweds with romantik features such as a four poster bed or beds with a canopy. Some castles might even have a room with an own Jacuzzi and afterwards you can watch the sunset from the balcony or terrace. Or a 4- or 5-star hotel has large luxury suites (sometimes also with 2 bedrooms, mostly used by families with kids as the children’s room) with charming furniture and furnishings – maybe even a waterbed to sleep and dream in.

Rhine River cruises to visit German wine festivals in 2024 and 2025 Rhine River Lights firework displays with half day round boat cruises A spectacular firework display during a boat trip in the Middle Rhine River Valley between Koblenz / Coblence, Lahnstein, Boppard, St. Goar, Loreley Rock, Oberwesel, Bacharach, Assmannshausen, Bingen and Rudesheim. The boat cruise with DJ music and dance on board is starting from different wine towns with wine hikings and wine festivals.  

But even if you decide to stay your entire honeymoon – say for a week or so – in one hotel or castle hotel, there are surely a lot of different interesting things to do or visit in the city or in the nearby cities. If you want to learn a bit more about the history and culture of the city or town you’re staying in, you could do what a lot of people do while staying in a place that’s not familiar to one: participate in guided tours and march through the city or town. The tour guides that do these trips with the tourists are of course specialists on their field. They also always have a lot of information about the places and short stories to tell. Perhaps there happens to be a nice festival somewhere in the area during your stay that you could visit. Or how about a boat cruise on a river that’s not that far away? You could enjoy the scenery as well as a glass of wine during your boat trip. Be sure to take your camera with you on your boat cruise so you can take breathtaking pictures of your perfect getaway and show them to your relatives at home. One of the most famous European rivers to have boat cruises on is the Rhine River. Some well-known cities near the Rhine River are Dusseldorf or Cologne. There are of course several other cities and small towns near the Rhine River. If you’re interested in a certain region and want to know if the Rhine River is near that region, it would be the best to have a look at a German map. Even if you discover that the region you want to spend your holiday in is not near the Rhine, maybe it’s near another river such as the Moselle, the Main (which lies near Frankfurt and its airport) or the Neckar, for example near Heidelberg. By the way, these mentioned rivers are just a few of the numerous tributary streams of the Rhine River. And after such an adventurous and exciting day, the hotel can surely offer you opportunities for relaxation and recreation.

If you have no idea whatsoever to which region in Germany you’d like to travel to, you could narrow it down somewhat by first choosing a federal state. Well-known federal states to visit are for example Bavaria with its capital city Munich. Other interesting places in Bavaria are Nuremberg, Wurzburg or the castle Neuschwanstein which lies above Hohenschwangau near Fussen. Another federal state that’s worth a visit is Baden-Wurttemberg where you’ll find the region of the Black Forest. The Black Forest is famous for its extraordinary waterfalls in the town of Triberg, which are the highest in Germany and range over 7 cascades with an overall drop of 163 meters, so be sure to take a picture or two of this beautiful scenery if you happen to be there. It is also famous for the manufacturing of the famous cuckoo clocks. Yet, the biggest, free-hanging, hand-carved cuckoo clock of the world can not be found here, but instead in the federal state Rhineland-Palatinate in St. Goar on the Rhine River. These are just a few of the German federal states that are worth a visit.

And if you don’t want to do all the work in finding something that fits your expectations and lifestyle, then let someone else do it for you. Wether it’s the wedding or the vacation. For the wedding, you could hire a wedding planner that plans and organizes the entire wedding with everything that belongs to it with and for you. This starts with the preparation of the bachelor / bachalorette party and perhaps the traditional German “Polterabend” (a party given in the house / apartment of the bride-to-be by the same and groom, to which anyone is invited and where the guests throw dishes to bring the couple that’s going to get married luck) and goes all the way to choosing the appropriate location to rent, the right catering or also the planning of the honeymoon in order to find nice resorts. For the honeymoon you could also go to a travel agency and ask them for help in finding a place to spend your honeymoon. Maybe they can recommend a certain season to visit a certain region (if you plan on visiting Munich in Bavaria for example and if you’re interested in it, you should visit it in the month of October and visit the famous October festival). And a lot of travel agencies send a hotel tester to hotels to test everything in the hotel from the check-in service to the cleanliness of the mattress.

Romantic castle hotel rooms in Germany with canopy beds

Wedding in Germany | Getting Married in Germany

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